Stream Hashback Hashish’s Upcoming ‘Brevity’ LP

25 March 2015

Delhi based producer Hashback Hashish delves deeper into the world of minimal, experimental techno with his third full-length album ‘Brevity’.

Fresh off the boat from the illustrious SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, where he performed alongside Sandunes, Heems and DJ HVAD, the REProduce signee has made his latest offering available for online streaming before its official release on 22 April.

Ashish Sachan made his first foray into electronic music back in 2008 and has since then released two full length albums and a slew of EPs. ‘Brevity’, his third, marks a exit from the minimal ambient sound heard in his last, almost ambient leaning 2014 LP ‘Stoned’ and builds on the moods and textures of his last few EPs (‘Over Consumption’, ‘Sometimes I Go Crazy’).

In typical Hashback style, ‘Brevity’, released independently, is spotlessly produced. Don’t be fooled by its self titled album opener – ‘Brevity’ only eases us into what becomes an increasingly darker, aggressive LP, track to track. Those signs can be seen in the textural basslines of Granatapfel (which, in an anticlimactic turn of events, means ‘Pomegranate’ in German), pulsing, ominous tunes in ‘Impressions’ and finally culminating in bold, grinding darkness of ‘Babe’.

We’ve also heard that London based techno talent Ali Wells, a.k.a. Perc will be remixing the self titled album opener, so there’s lots to look forward to.

The ‘Brevity’ LP could have used a little love in terms of composition and structure, but we doubt fans of the artist will mind very much. Follow Hashback Hashish on Facebook for updates on the official release and listen to the EP in its entirety below.

Image credit (thumb): Shailpik Biswas



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