Call For Applications: Work From Social

11 March 2015

It’s astounding how fast Social Offline seems to have grown since its inauguration last summer. The venue has played host to countless events (particularly in Delhi since member driven space antiSOCIAL opened its doors), as well as catering to throngs pouring in for food and drink.

Most importantly, however, Social has provided the space and necessary facilities for creative minds and entrepreneurs in the countries biggest cities to ideate and collaborate. Its dedicated community of co-workers truly form its backbone and soul. Socialworks takes the concept of the dreary, white lit workspace and turns it on its head, offering a space for work (and play) to anyone who has vision and drive.

While applications to work from the social are rolling, we're excited to announce that there are 5 fellowships up for grabs in both Delhi and Bangalore branches. A Social fellowship is essentially a free spot with a generous Rs 5,000 tab to spend on food and drink. We suggest any budding startups, creative minds and young businesses apply as soon as they can. Fellows will be selected from all applications submitted by the end of the month.

Here's a reminder of what you get with a spot at Social Offline:

• From Monday through Friday 9am-6pm, for as long or short a time as you'd like, you get your own workspace with high-speed internet.
• You also get full credit of Rs.5000 per month worth of food and drink to fuel your creativity.
• There's a conference room on demand with hooked up conferencing facilities, high resolution printers and scanners, plug points so you're never worried about running out of battery, everything you need to be super-efficient and highly productive.
• You'll get to use our concierge service to cater to your every need (well, not "every").
• You'll even be provided with a personal locker so you don't have to carry stuff back to your home or office, and a post office box if you choose to have things mailed here.
• And it doesn't matter if you're in Bangalore, Mumbai or New Delhi. Join us Socialworks, and you can use the workspace in all three cities.
• Everything you'd think to do in an office, it’s Social's goal to make sure it's there for you at Socialworks.
• You get all of this for just Rs.5000 a month (*plus govt. taxes as applicable). With just the food and drink credit of Rs.5000, this is effectively a workspace totally free of cost.

Apply to work from Social by filling in the form here. Follow Social Offline on Facebook for updates.



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