Danish Producer DJ HVAD To Tour India This Week

4 March 2015


Forward thinking, Delhi based REProduce Artists are bringing the twisted genius of Copenhagen based DJ HVAD (which means “what” in Danish) to Indian shores. The artist will be performing tonight at Summer House Café and on 8 March at the Khoj studios in Khirkee for a very special extended show, which will explore the underbelly of the Indian electronic space with 3 talented, left of center homegrown acts, who will showcase their music alongside HVAD.

To call HVAD “different” from the rest would be an understatement. He occupies a world of music entirely his own, gaining recognition from the likes of Arca (who passed his work onto Kanye West) and Aphex Twin – who played HVAD’s tunes at Glastonbury in 2014. His unique arrangements, incorporation of unusual samples and instrumentation (barking dogs, brass bowls, underwater contact microphones, a shepherd’s cane among others) alongside relentless breakbeats form the basis of his high octane sound, which tend to lean towards the dark, sinister and sometimes political side of music (Rana Ghose explains this in detail here on thump).

DJ HVAD will perform tonight at Summer House Café at Aurobindo Market (with support from Bombay’s Himanshu Pandey a.k.a United Machines, who will be performing an all analog set). On Sunday 8 March, the artist will play at the Khoj international Artist’s Association at Khirkee Extention. The event will also see performances by Ravana, Jamblu and Hemant Sreekumar, and promises to showcase contemporary sounds that are a cut above the people pleasing dance music that’s become so pervasive in our society.

You can watch the video for HVAD’s ‘Hardwork Pandit’ below and follow him on SoundCloud for a taste of his sound. The Facebook events for each show will contain all the details you need. They can be seen below:

DJ HVAD At Summer House Cafe



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