Listen: Oh Rocket Releases New EP ‘Clever, Clever’

20 January 2015

Kolkata based electronic synth pop duo ‘Oh, Rocket’ have just dropped their sophomore EP ‘Clever, Clever’ on Pepsi MTV Indies. The release comes barely a couple of months after their ‘The Cloud Woke Up No Clocks’ EP, which they debuted at Ziro Festival in Arunachal Pradesh to very positive reviews from fans and peers alike (ours included).

‘Oh, Rocket’ is made up of singer/songwriter Aniket Dutta and guitarist and composer Shubharun Sengupta. ‘Clever, Clever’ sticks (for most part) to the aesthetics and sounds that they explored in their previous EP, but takes a much calmer, slightly whimsical route this time round.

‘Begin’ kicks the EP off on a dreamy note with its gentle but erratic beats and chiming overtones. Energy escalates with the most overtly pop track, 'Broccoli', though Dutta’s languid vocals temper an otherwise beat and synth heavy tune and the amusingly titled ‘Blue Raccoon Dog’ ends the EP on a mellow note. ‘Clever, Clever’ is a comforting blend of wistful indie electronica, undulating melodies and soothing synth-soul, even if it isn’t as robust as its predecessor.

Aniket tells us that the duo is inspired by the music of Australian dance outfit Jagwar Ma, MGMT, American electro pop band Postal Service, Copeland and Danish alt rock band Mew, apart from their non musical influences - “winter, South Korean movies, woolen sweaters and oranges" (of course).

Oh, Rocket have already started work on their next release, an full length album (finally) titled Bloomspoon, which they’re preparing to put out at the end of the year. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for updates and listen to ‘Clever, Clever’ below:



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