Sound System En Masse: Hyderabad Brings Reggae To School Kids

8 January 2015

‘Sound System En Masse’ is a unique initiative, implemented by Hyderabad-based non-profit organization Monkey Foundation, which aims to provide school children with the opportunity to experience and appreciate sound system culture for free. The goal is to expose children, their families and general music enthusiasts to some of India’s most prolific reggae sound systems and artists with the hope it will inspire the next generation to delve into music. The Monkey Foundation plan to host the free show in Hyderabad, on 25 January, in a public location.

The line up includes the prodigal sons of the Indian dub and reggae the Reggae Rajahs, Bangalore based artist King Jassim, the indomitable Begum X and Delhi Sultanate from Delhi, and local Hyderabadi talent Daktadub and Raj Verma. ‘Sound System En Masse’ also hopes to invite young musicians from schools to come and perform with the artists.

The Monkey Foundation is attempting to crowd-fund the entire project. Due to high production costs involved in setting up sound system showcases the foundation has called upon the public to help grease the wheels. The event itself is open to all and has no entry or ticketing involved. The deadline for contributions is 12 January, 4 days from now, and if the full total is not raised in that time then every individual is refunded.

‘Sound System En Masse’ is an initiative that aspires to encourage, educate and inspire the next generation of budding talent. To find out more about the Monkey Foundation, and their radio podcast subsidiary Monkey Radio India, visit their Facebook page here. If you'd like to support the ‘Sound System En Masse’ event head here. Make sure you watch an informative video by the foundation and artists below.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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