Listen: Sandune’s Slybounce Remixed EP

5 December 2014

Sanaya Ardeshir’s ‘Slybounce’ EP (and in particular, its title track) was probably one of the most accessible and enjoyable releases that came out of the Indian electronic circuit this year. Since then, the artist has come out with what might be considered one of the best videos of the year, impressive sound/art installations with Wolves, and to add to all that, has formed a live ensemble which performed for the first time at NH7 Weekender to rave reviews.

Sandunes, in short, has become a force to be reckoned with.

Ardeshir takes the back seat, for once, with her latest release. She hands over the reigns to 5 forward thinking producers and DJs who have re-imagined the EP (well, two of its tracks anyway) in ‘Slybounce Remix’.

Anish Sood, Sickflip and Nanok pick the title track, each approaching the song from three completely dissimilar angles. While Nanok and Sickflip keep it relatively safe, Nanok embellishing his interpretation of the track with a subtle touch of dance friendly, sped up keys and percussion, Anish Sood takes the brave but risky dark techno route, which (despite a questionable start) is surprisingly enjoyable and manages to somehow turn the relatively sane ‘Slybounce’ into something that would work quite well late night, at a depraved club. Sarvesh Shrivastava’s take on the other hand (which was featured on stretches tones and manipulates Nicholson’s voice just enough to make it sound interesting without taking away from the essence of the song.

‘Moon Detector’ forks into two different directions entirely with Frame/Frame’s wonderful, austere version (we love the surprising use of bass percussion and the accelerated pace towards the end) contrasting When Pandas Attack dense, pretty remix.

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Words: Diya Gupta


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