Gig Preview: Dada Disco At Barsoom

17 November 2014

After intriguing audiences at clubs and festivals all over Europe, electronic duo Dada Disco have finally made their way to India. Their first stop will be at Barsoom, courtesy a KRUNK event, in New Delhi on 21 November, before they hit Pune and Mumbai on 28 and 30 November respectively.

The French duo, Denis and Guillaume, met and honed their skills in Berlin’s grimy underground music scene, garnering attention for their work at the infamous Bar25. Their distinct melodious sound and wild Dirty Disco Wave parties won them acclaim across the city and consistently packed the nightclub. Always playing dress up on stage, wearing a large, eccentric variety of costumes at most performances, Dada Disco can be considered entertaining performers as much as enjoyable musicians.

New Delhi’s Barsoom has been on our radar ever since their launch, and has become a prime venue for events. They have brought back large-scale gigs from a bustling ‘Halloween Party’ in October and The ‘Birthday Party’ Party in November, to an admirable fundraiser for the Jammu and Kashmir floods in September. Besides being the location for Hashback Hashish’s latest EP launch, Barsoom have become the new home for Delhi’s reggae giants Reggae Rajahs.

A hub for exciting performers and live gigs, Barsoom has also held events showcasing jazz nights with the Global Music Institute and brought engaging artists such as psychedelic sitar-electro musician Mahadev Cometo to New Delhi. The venue has quickly become a prominent venue in the city’s alternative music industry, leading many local musicians to vie for spots on their ever increasing gig calendar.

Dada Disco light up New Delhi on 21 November at Barsoom. You can find more details on the event here. For further updates on the duo’s latest releases and performances, follow them on Facebook here.
If you want to get a better feel for Dada Disco and their music, check out their live mix recorded during Germany’s Fusion Festival, 2014.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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