New Delhi's Ableton Live User Group To Have First Meetup

4 November 2014

The Ableton Live User Group in New Delhi (ALUGND) is a collective of producers, musicians, DJs and listeners all keen to work with the Ableton Live system. The community seeks to facilitate productions collaboration and creation in a fun and creative format by connecting likeminded individuals.

Live users can network and share information and advice. Meetings allow for an open forum where participants can share their individual work, ideas and progress. The user group also has artist meetings and expert talks to help group participants understand different production styles and insider tips possible for use with Ableton Live.

The ALUGND community is now having their first meetup at Summer House Café on 6 November, 2014, between 5-8pm. The event will consist of members from the user group showcasing production tips and performance tricks, with the use of Ableton Live. Each session will be 15 minutes plus question time, after which there will be free demonstrations, food, beverages and discussion. The event will end with a live performance by the presenters. All walk-ins are welcome and the event is free.

For more information on the Ableton Live User Group in New Delhi, check out their group here. For updates on the event, visit the Facebook page here (you must join the group before you can visit the page).

Words: Aditya Keswani



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