Listen: Skrat's Third Studio LP 'The Queen'

27 October 2014

Chennai based garage rock band Skrat have just released their third studio album ‘The Queen’ after their quality sophomore LP - ‘ Bring Out The Big Guns’.

Former engineering students Sriram T.T., Satish Narayanan, and Tapass Naresh got together to form the now iconic Skrat – a band that has religiously stuck to their typically old school garage rock n’ roll sound since their formation in 2006. They’ve amassed a massive fan base in that time, so expectations were running high for this LP.

Devotees of the bands will not be left disappointed. ‘The Queen’ is a strong album, arguably more so than its predecessor. The LP features some first class guitar work and riffs (particularly in ‘Stomp’). Frontman Sriram TT consistently delivers powerful vocals and his formerly angry tones give way to a more excitable, dance friendly energy that will have crowds moving and singing along. Expect groove heavy sounds ('Bang Bang Bang' and 'Love Rider' in particular) and a surprisingly fun, feel-good vigour punctuated with infectious refrains.

Like most of Skrats previous output, ‘The Queen’ sounds a little done. The band makes little attempt to push their sonic boundaries and decide to stick to what they know with this release. Despite 'The Queen's' impeccable instrumentation and structure, it still comes across as a tad unoriginal. Having said that, it’s never worked against them in the past and we doubt that fact is going to change any time soon.

The band will be touring the country this November, playing at every edition of the NH7 Weekender and The New Wave Musicfest and Royal Enfield Rider Mania, both of which will take place in Goa.

You can listen to ‘The Queen’ in its entirety below and buy the album here on Bandcamp. Follow Skrat on Facebook for updates.

Words: Diya Gupta


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