Hashback Hashish Releases EP – ‘Over Consumption’

25 September 2014

Delhi based producer Hashback Hashish, a.k.a Ashish Sachan, has released a new 2 track EP titled ‘Over Consumption’. Previous works by Hashback include a debut album titled ‘The Grinning, Naked Bunch’ in 2012, a sophomore album ‘Stoned’ in 2014 and a host of EPs.

An archetypical Hashback piece of work, ‘Over Consumption’ has a heavy techno sound. The two deep and minimalist tracks will resonate with long time fans and new listeners alike, and hit notes across a wide spectrum.

The first track ‘LSTN’ is flexible and can be enjoyed on the dance floor or at a casual home setting, with a lazy, drawling beat laid over intermitted percussions and comforting bass. The second track ‘Over Consumption’ changes pace slightly giving the listener an unexpected and in-your-face kick.

Immaculately produced, with a crisp and clean feel, ‘Over Consumption’ is another work of clarity for Hashback, solidifying his unique sound and highlighting his place in the Indian electronic scene.
You can listen to ‘Over Consumption’ below, and follow Hashback Hashish on Facebook for further updates.

If you are in Delhi be sure to catch the EP’s launch party at Barsoom, in Hauz Khas, on 27 September.

Words: Aditya Keswani



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