Brooklyn Shanti Releases New Album – ‘Bedstuyle’

24 September 2014

Producer and emcee Brooklyn Shanti has just released ‘Bedstuyle’. Considered a cultural ambassador of hip-hop for South Asia, his fresh and innovative style is imprinted all over the 17 track deluxe album.

Calling ‘Bedstuyle’ ambitious would be an understatement. Known for his experimental nature, Shanti does not shirk away from producing a variety of delicious sounds. This release is a perfect example of his dynamic range. Littered with strong vocal performances from the likes of Evelyn Sharma, Dani Mari and Jahdan Blakkamoore, ‘Bedstuyle’ is an accomplished body of work by an artist exploring concepts ranging from the individualistic (love and loss) to the collective (social and communal pressures).

Held together by a robust electronic base the album offers a wide range of sounds which will have the ability to resonate with most listeners. A very enjoyable example is dancehall infused track - ‘This Feeling’, featuring vocals by Blakkamoore. Nearly impossible to hear without imagining yourself on the beach with a bottle of Old Monk, the song typifies the feel good factor of ‘Bedstuyle’. The downtempo album is a tribute to the musical history of Shanti’s neighbourhood Bedford-Stuyvesant located in (unsurprisingly) Brooklyn, NY. The album draws inspiration from the area’s hip-hop and reggae roots and creates a clean and pleasant musical landscape with tracks such as ’33 1/3’, ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Garden of Ghosts’. Uplifting tracks like ‘This Feeling’ and ‘Something Beautiful’ just add to the album's feel good qualities.

You can listen to the deluxe edition of ‘Bedstuyle’ below, with an option to buy, and follow Brooklyn Shanti on Facebook for further updates.

Words: Aditya Keswani


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