The Doors' Self-Produced Lost Documentary To Release In November

16 September 2014

"It's a fictional documentary, I can't say too much about it, because we're not really making it. It's just kind of making itself." - Jim Morrison

In the summer of 1968, a legendary band that called themselves The Doors created ‘Feast of Friends’ – a self produced cult documentary film that had until now, circulated only amongst fans in a low quality bootleg format. The lost documentary will, after 46 years of its initial debut, be released in its entirety this November, remastered, restored and resurrected from the archives.

The film has left behind a mythological legacy - rumor goes that frontman Jim Morrison himself was responsible for the leaked bootleg, which he left in a brown paper bag at a friend’s house in Paris in 1971, shortly before his death in the same year.

Negative reviews by critics after its initial screenings and Morrison’s legal troubles (for allegedly exposing himself to the audience at a concert) caused funding to be pulled and distribution to cease. The documentary intercuts live performances and behind the scenes footage, capturing the group in their natural environment. The fact that ‘Feast of Friends’ has been produced by the band is quite exciting in itself. The film has been directed by Paul Ferrara, who also shot the cover for their album ‘Waiting For The Sun’.

The release will also include the 1968 British documentary called ‘The Doors Are Open’ about the band’s final performance at London’s Roundhouse, along with a short piece called ‘The End’ - a performance of their epic song by the same name in Toronto, 1967.

The film has been fully remastered and will be available to purchase on 11 November. Check out the trailer below:



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