SundogProject Releases New Single - 'Tauro'

19 August 2014

Delhi based rock and electronic act, Sundogproject gave us a teaser from their upcoming second full length album ‘Tora’ back in July, with a snippet from a track titled ‘Tentacle’. The act, masterminded by Rahul Das has finally released the first complete track from the LP – ‘Tauro’.

‘Tauro’ is the first of many tracks from ‘Tora’, released yesterday, 18 August, that the band plans to release each Monday.

The mood based track sees the imprint in a new avatar, shifting away from the heavy instrument based rock noises from the brilliant ‘Hex1/Visions’ to a more electronic, experimental and atmospheric veneer that has a distinctly 80s feel to it. Sundog retains its characteristic industrial, metallic sounds along with Rahul’s deep vocals which truly give ‘Tauro’ life. The outfits approach to making music is an attempt to translate real mood, feeling and emotion into sound and it becomes easier to understand why the Das had, in the past, referred to the album as ‘impressionist’.

The entire album is slated to clock in at almost an hour and a half, so there’s a lot more to look forward to. We suggest you keep updated by following SundogProject on Facebook, where the imprint will share their releases one by one. The solo act consists of Rahul Das while the bands live line up also includes Anupam Roy, Shardul Mehta, Viraj Mohan and Rahul Sainani.

You can listen to ‘Tauro’ below:


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