Disco Puppet Releases Debut EP – ‘Astronot’

5 August 2014

‘Astronot’ is the title that Shoumik Biswas, now also known as Disco Puppet has given his first full length EP. You’ve probably heard the Bangalore based artists name before – he’s been drumming with post/space rock band Space Behind the Yellow Room and also been a member of The Monkey in Me for a while. This is Shoumik’s first official venture into the world of electronic music and the result is a weird, experimental album that, despite some rough edges, sounds pretty promising.

It’s one of the strangest drops this year so far and it’s clear that Biswas had a good time producing it. 'Astronot' is a largely instrumental electronic album that experiments with percussion (of course) and more interestingly, intervals and breaks between sounds. We get to hear a little of Shoumiks voice in 'Teachers Destroyer' and 'Liars'. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with an opener titled ‘Teacher Destroyer’ but Shoumik delivers with a nicely constructed track featuring great bass melody, tight vocals and an interesting use of – let’s just say, ‘female noises’. Shoumiks foray into the world of vocals and songwriting also stand out in 'Liar' – one of the stronger tracks on the album.

Shoumik reassures fans of his drumming abilities more than ever on ‘Astronot’. Tracks like ‘Serenity Cosplay’ see his skill shine through while ‘Saturn’s Rings’ shows his incredible restraint. Coarse minimal drums are used sparingly and when necessary to create one of the more experimental sounds on ‘Astronot’ which, unfortunately only lasts about 2 and a half minutes. Shoumik’s innovative use of breaks and pauses literally ‘Ends In Intervals’. The song isn’t really the most powerful, but it does help us understand Shoumik’s musical aesthetic and use of silence to amplify sound.

The album has its shortcomings as well, especially in that it lacks a certain cohesiveness and definitive concept or structure. But despite the faults, Disco Puppet's ‘Astronot’ has got a lot of gumption, particularly for a debut release, and I think we're going to be hearing a lot more from the artist in the coming future.

Check Disco Puppet’s Facebook page for updates. You can stream ‘Astronot’ below and buy it here on Bandcamp.


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