Begum Releases New Video For 'Chinbien'

17 July 2014

Delhi based lo-fi/psychedelic band Begum have released a video of the second single, ‘Chinbien’ from their upcoming album – ‘Begum Bagh’. Begum is a three person outfit comprising of drummer Karan Singh, vocalist/guitarist Kartik Pillai and bassist Kshitij Dhyani. Pillai also has an electro experimental side project, ‘Jamblu’ and he and Singh have both previously played for Peter Cat Recording Co.

Begum captures their dreamy and emotive new song in a playful new montage video. The song starts on a deep, mellow note with the first half a metaphor depicting the sombre reality of a dying earth. Pace and beat pick up at the 3.30 mark with a transition in tune and a riff that won’t leave your head - the addition of Karan’s upbeat percussion and Kartik’s humming vocals create an oddly uplifting second half. As for the intriguing title, Kartik describes ‘Chinbien’ as word he used to define the “feeling of a certain type of bliss”. The grainy music video, created by Samridhi Thapliyal, is stitched together with a mishmash of vintage clips, presumably to complement their own slightly nostalgic brand of psychedelia.

This is the first video teaser to Begums album that they’re going to drop in August and they’re planning to release a second one sometime soon. The self described ‘dreamy, lo-fi experimental perverteres from Delhi’ (make of that what you will) have also released a terrific single titled ‘Waiting’ – a slurring, forlorn track which you can listen to here.

Keep a lookout on their facebook page and website for any updates. You can watch ‘Chinbien’ below:

Words: Diya Gupta


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