Kolkata Based 'Ankit Gandhi Lall' Releases Impressive Debut EP

19 May 2014

Ankit Gandhi Lall’s 5-track EP comes out with a collection of striking nuances and an impressive attention to detail – setting it at a high bar for first time releases.

Lall’s years of managing a small, independent recording/sound sculpting studio (AuralVision studios) in Kolkata alongside his real world experience in live sound, recording and studio mixing have definitely contributed to the finesse and fluidity of the sound exhibited in this EP.

The tracks encompass a few genres, ranging from soft disco-tech to well-crafted drum and bass renditions that come off as truly meaningful and well thought out compositions.

A dancefloor orientated release, it features electronic influences that the nation is quickly getting to grips with. LECKJA comes as a joy to early evening revelers, who prefer a soft, ‘deep’ translation of dance music rather than the usual throbbing, mechanical representation. Whereas, ‘Half Stepping in Space’ and ‘Remote Viewing’ transition to a more fast-paced, hypnotic movement of sorts.

The whole EP is interspersed with sci-fi influences. A surprising sample from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Space Odyssey’ pops up in ‘Remote Viewing’, and the glitchy tilt audible in the last two tracks brings to mind many Star Trek episodes watched during my youth.

‘Peak’, draws inspiration from Lall’s constant forages into the mountains, and indeed a theme of ‘escape’ seems to form in one’s mind whilst listening to this production. An escape from conventional dance music and a futuristic take on present-day genres all contribute to this fresh take on electronic music that - we'll add - we currently have on repeat.

Words: Megha Roy



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