Photography & Photo-Book Workshop With Cristina De Middel & Ricardo Cases

14 May 2014

It's just come to our attention that EMAHO magazine and the IED Madrid are hosting a unique photography workshop with Ricardo Cases and Cristina De Middel from 19-22 June in India.

Unique, becasue it won't just involve shooting and editing but also photo-book making. The workshop will be held amongst the trees and rustic environment of Mussoorie and aims to provide a platform for budding photographers to hone their talents. The inspiration comes from the recent boom and market success of Spanish photo-books – a medium that has helped propelled the art hugely in recent years.

Both Cristina De Middel and Ricardo Cases have released photo-books and experimented with photo documentation and art photography. Each photographer has an inimitable approach to their art, documenting both fiction and reality from diverse perspectives.

Ricardo Cases holds a degree in journalism and now resides and works in Madrid and Valencia. He had previously released the renowned and highly acclaimed ‘Paloma al aire’ which documents the unusual practice of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia.

Cristina De Middel is a Spanish photographer who is currently based in London. Her photo-book - ‘Afronauts’, is a fictional documentation of the Zambian Space Program in the 1960s, the sold-out first edition of which now has a market value of over 1000 euros.

Both photographers will hold their workshops on the themes ‘Documenting Fiction’ and ‘Fotoziti’. The workshop is open to both students and professionals. Essentially anyone with a body of work can apply.

The workshop is a wonderful initiative by EMAHO and IED Madrid and an opportunity for anyone interested in photography and documentation to explore the art further. The deadline for applications is 20 May and all details regarding cost and accommodation are available here.

Image credit (thumbnail): courtesy EMAHO
Image credit (main): Cristina de Middel from 'The Afronauts'

Words: Diya Gupta



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