T.L. Mazumdar Releases Sophomore Album: BUeC

2 May 2014

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and composer, TL Mazumdar’s released his new album 'Bideshi Uebersetzungs Collective', or simply 'BUeC', yesterday. 'BUeC' has been four years in the making since his debut album - '4 Walls V2' released in 2010, earning rave reviews from some of the most esteemed critics worldwide.

The title 'Bideshi Uebersetzungs Collective' represents TL’s diverse background - the Indian origin songwriter grew up in India, London and North Africa and finally settled down in Mannheim, Germany. ‘Bideshi’ means foreigner in Bengali and ‘Uebersetzungs’ is ‘translation’ in German, signifying this hybridity.

Saying the album uses a variety of sounds would be an understatement with TL incorporating electronic synths with piano and drums, and more interestingly, classical Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri and sarod that are an emphatic reminder of his roots. The resulting sound breaks the confines of genre with TL’s complex and technically impeccable amalgam of western jazz and Indian classical music and forms a cohesive and enjoyable fusion album that’s worth a listen.

'BUeC' is a collective and features collaborations with many notable artists which included Jivraj Singh on drums, Johannes Stange who arranged and performed the trumpet/flugelhorn and Amyt Datta on the guitar.

You can stream the entire album below and grab your own copy here

Words: Diya Gupta



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