Free Download: Road To Converse Rubber Tracks In India

22 April 2014

For the mere price of your email ID you can get a free 8 track album recorded at the pop-up studio at Converse Road to Rubber Tracks held over the weekend in Mumbai. Some of the tracks on there definitely need a bit of love but it's a nice little snapshot of the Indian indie scene.

The album features music from F16’s, Ganesh Talkies, Spud In The Box, Space Behind The Yellow Room and Frisky Pints. There are also bonus tracks from Pangea, Zero and Superfuzz. Head here, drop in your deets and get listening.

1. SBTYR - ‘Outburst Of Acceptance’
2. Spud In The Box - ‘More Than Once’
3. The F16’s - ‘Jacuzzi’
4. Ganesh Talkies - ‘Style’
5. Frisky Pints - ‘Frisky Song’
6. Pangea - ‘Women Can’t Behave On Buses'
7. Superfuzz - ‘School’
8. Zero - ‘Wish’



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