Synth Nerds Rejoice: New Roland Range ‘Re-Imagined’

17 February 2014

Calling all synth nerds, you may have been aware or speculating over the new AIRA range that Roland is releasing in April later this year. Models that are being ‘re-imagined’ (as opposed to ‘re-issued’) include the classic Roland TR-090 and TR-808 drum machines. These are being merged into one machine called the TR-8.

It has also been confirmed that the iconic Roland TB-303 will also ‘re-imagined’ - a piece of equipment brought back into the limelight in India with the re-emergence of Charanjit Singh. Notorious for being the accidental pioneer of acid-house, the seminal LP ’10 Ragas To A Disco Beat’ was created using the 303 and 808.

We know for a fact how rare this is, so much so that there are none traceable in India and you’re looking at £2000-£3000 for a second hand model. For his show at Magnetic Fields Festival, the Jupiter-8 synthesiser, Roland TR-808 and the Roland TB-303 were especially flown in from Europe. The new model will be far more accessible - comparatively a bargain at $299 and will be re-dubbed the TB-3. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the kind peeps at ILM Academy who will be obtaining some of the new gear when it's out.

The AIRA range is being showcased at the Brighton Music Conference 11-12 April but you can stay tuned at their website here for the latest info and have a little geek out at the teaser below:



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