Watch: Avi & The Uprising’s Rajmation Video

4 February 2014

Avi & The Uprising have outdone themselves and innovated in a manner that few do. The video for their latest song ‘Wahe Guru’ is made in a format known as ‘Rajmation’ – using pulses and legumes as stills and then animating them into motion.

Throwing some light on the process, Avi explained:
“This is an entirely collaborative effort that majorly involves my producers, Paper Dragon Studios based in Delhi, scriptwriter Amitav Misra and the director Carlos. Roughly two years back, we had been working on a Claymation video and that got scrapped as Carlos wasn’t entirely convinced. We then came up with the idea of having a Rajmation video and it worked as Wahe Guru ended up being a song that fit the bill.”

More than 20 different animators were involved in the making of the video. The team at Paper Dragon created models with pulses and legumes, shot the stills and recreated the frames in their animation.
 Avi believes that the song is about having faith and doesn’t really reflect on any religious beliefs as many may assume from the track name. Scripwriter Amitav had to capture the essence of the songwriting and lyrics whilst bringing out the metaphor in his work which is where the motif of India being an agrarian society - the reverence associated with this and the belief in forces beyond conventional thoughts.

Wahe Guru is the second song on their upcoming album ‘Eyes On The Radio’ due for release later this year:

Watch the video below:

**Note: we'd recommend that you watch this video in 1080p only**

Words: Divya Naik



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