Listen: 'Slipstream' By Sushant Thatte Feat. Rahul Nadkarni

Listen: 'Slipstream' By Sushant Thatte Feat. Rahul Nadkarni

12 July 2019

Mumbai-based producer Sushant Thatte takes the help of guitarist Rahul Nadkarni to create an expansive work of dynamic ambient music with his album ‘Slipstream’.

Released via Deccan Plateau, ‘Slipstream’ is a striking example of being more than the sum of its parts. Thatte takes a huge assortment of short loops, incomplete hooks and abstract samples and assembles them like pieces of a puzzle to create wholesome textures. Upon picking apart a sound we are only left with an atonal segment, but clubbing them together results in cohesive and immersive soundscapes – beautifully demonstrated in the build of ‘Evanescent Wave’.

Nadkarni’s meticulous noodling alongside the parade of synth melodies transforms each track from its sombre intros to cacophonous conclusions. Vibrant in every way, the emergence and disappearance of timbres is so constant in the release, that it results in a predictable musical journey – an essential element for keeping the work relaxingly ambient.

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