An (Un)Conference & Romantic Holiday: The Goa Project

30 January 2014

Taking place between 7-8 February at the Stone Water Eco Resort at Santrem Beach in Vasco de Gama, Goa - a true "unconference and romantic holiday" - the Goa Project is back.

A creative hybrid of workshops, teach-ins, and roundtables - tossed together with jam sessions, exhibitions, and show-and-tell, it incorporates 6 themes: Performing Arts & Music, Entrepreneurism, Film, Society, Visual Arts and Fringe with the content following crowd-sourced topics with the aim being to keep the agenda relevant. Everyone who shows up is a potential speaker, and those who don't speak contribute by posting photos, blog entries, podcasts, and video clips of the proceedings.

The coming together of what speakers have found, discovered or invented - learning, sharing and sparking new ideas. Although the deadline has now passed, any topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk or workshop on, can be nominated for and via a voting system attending participants actually decide which sessions make it into the final agenda. Thankfully topics related to religion and politics aren't even accepted.

Not only is this a (un)conference on a beach, but a pretty inspirational and relevant meeting of minds as well. Something that is sometimes long forgotten, at such initiatives.

Fancy attending or want more information? Head over to the Goa Project website here



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