Teddy Boy Kill Set To Tour China

29 October 2013

Our favourite synth nerds have just announced that they’re about to embark on a five city tour around China next month.

Teddy Boy Kill inboxed us with 3 strong images and details of five cities last week. We had up until then heard murmurs of this for a few months and are absolutely stoked that it’s happening. We anticipate this is going to a tour with more than a few tales and luckily with REProduce founder and filmmaker Rana Ghose on the road with them, we’re sure there’s going to be an interesting video diary to share with you at some point later this year.

The tour will see them perform at Dong Dong Music Festival in Beijing alongside one of the duos old time favourites Telepopmusik; Storm Festival in Shanghai which also features performances from the mighty Etienne de Crécy and the Italian mob boss of house Benny Benassi with additional shows taking place in venues in Wuhan, Nanjing and Kunshan. The tour is a self funded joint effort between the band and REProduce.

Audio Pervert (one half of TBK) recently dropped ‘Dark Robot’ featuring a 20 strong tracklist with a staggering list of guest performances that reads like a who’s who of the alternative trendsetters:

“Dark Robot sounds like a confident brain trying to recall an alien abduction. It’s the sound of a producer losing faith in what’s around him, destroying himself and subsequently rebuilding a perfect entity.” - Border Movement

We'll be trying to get our hands on the video footage of this tour, as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled.


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