Border Movement To Host 'Sound Lab' In Dhaka With Sasha Perera, BLOT! & Sulk Station

4 October 2013

After a more than successful trip to Pakistan as part of a Border Movement initiative to create an evolving and growing network of artists from across South Asia, this weekend will see the very first ‘Sound Lab’ take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A 4-day production and club culture forum that will cover topics such as technology, limitations of performance and sound as well as host production workshops and lectures on club culture, marketing, labels and building a healthy and vibrant scene.

Open to upcoming and seasoned producers from the local scene, predominantly this year from ‘Dhaka Electronic Scene’, it’ll see producers Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi) from Berlin, Gaurav Malaker (BLOT!) from India and Rahul Giri (Sulk Station), also from India, take the lead in teaching 12 lucky participants in an intimate and one-on-one scenario.

Running from 5-9 October, the week-long seminars/workshops will culminate in an event hosted at ‘The German Club’ with a line up that will include the above artists as well as Moniker (Wild City), and a selection of the local participants.

A full list of the participants can been seen below:

Jaami A Farook
Osman Gani
Farzan Hassan
Don Orcun
Rasheeq Rayhan
Fahad Zaman
Shoummo Saha
Syed Rubayat Akbar
Ahsan Sajid
Sudipto Majumder
Omer Nashaad
Khan M. Faisal

Watch out for footage from both this show and last week’s Pakistani shows soon. All this on Border Movement.


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