Bandaurbus: Kolkata To New Delhi In The Name Of Music

12 September 2013

On 25 September 2013 a group of musicians, DJs, filmmakers and visual artists will embark on a 3000km road trip from Kolkata to New Delhi and then back again.

Following the grueling 2-day journey, they aim to be in the capital for just 3 days from 27-29 September where they'll expand to become a trip-hop/live-electronic quartet, jazz-rock trio, electro-acoustic duo, 2 solo electronic acts, DJs and VJs.

With performances planned with local artists across the musical spectrum, they hope to record the journey and everything in between, eventually producing a documentary, shot and edited by filmmakers on board the bus.

The list of bands on board the bus can be seen below:

Zoo - urban electronica/trip-hop
Yidam - dub/glitch-hop/visuals/analog electronica
Shadowblink - breaks/dubstep/techno/live electronica
The Bodhisattwa Trio - jazz rock
Bodhi & Tanya - acoustic guitar/loops

Dates and details of their live shows are yet to be announced. Yet if you keep an ear close to the ground on the weekend of 27-29 September you're bound to find some exhilarating and fresh music in more than a couple of corners of the city. It's a Kolkata takeover.



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