Jump Mumbai: The City's 1st International Led Parkour Workshop

2 September 2013

Later this month (15-22 September), Mumbai will be playing host to its first ever parkour, free running, ukemi and slacklining workshop led by international athletes and coaches.

With a very obvious growing interest for parkour in India, Free Souls Parkour Group and Bodyholics, the two main organising collectives, in association with Homegrown, have gone and invited some of the world’s best coaches from Apex Movement for a one-on-one interaction workshop. Over the course of 5 intensive days, the professionals will provide safe training to those interested in the sport, culminating in a freestyle parkour session across the whole city.

Those of you interested in learning more about this growing art form, should be excited about the prospect of learning from industry professionals. We'd definitely not recommend trying it out yourself, especially without proper training. This is your chance.

Further details on the workshop can be found below:

Rs. 5000 for the entire workshop
Rs. 3000 if you come with a minimum group of 3

15 Sept - Strength training workshop
16 Sept - Ukemi (art of falling) workshop
17 Sept - Ukemi & skills training workshop
18 Sept - Skills & acrobatics workshop
19 Sept - Rest day
20 Sept - Parkour jam at location (Powai Lake)
21 Sept - Parkour Jam (Dream Park) Kandiwali
22 Sept - Mega Jam at Lonavala Lohgad Fort

Interested participents must regiater for a chance to take part in the workshop. For registrations contact: Edsel Rodrigues: +91 9930618618, Mustafa: +91 9769808043 or Aakash Tanwani: +91 9930403364

For more information on the event you can head over to the Facebook event here



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