Squidworks: The Blip On Bloop

29 August 2013

Squidworks a.k.a Varoon Nair of (recently reunited) 'Mavyns' fame is on a bit of a multimedia roll. As the band's bassist, he's tasted a fair bit of indie success but his solo project Squidworks' layers are yet to be peeled away. We managed to force a few aside to get a quick glimpse into what's brewing in his 'oceanic' laboratory.

"I'm working on a new album 'Bloop,' it should release (tentatively) by January," he cautions. Ask what kind of sound we can expect however and he remains fairly tight-lipped. "That's always hard to answer for me. For now all I'll say is that it's difficult to label. There's a mixture of a whole bunch of stuff though I'm sure some of my influences (the likes of Mount Kimbie, Disclosure and Bonobo) will come through. There will definitely be a lot of live instruments on them, that's what's important."

He's conceptualised this one a fair bit too. The idea for the name 'Bloop' came from the name given to a rather controversial ultra-low-frequency-sound that's been featured a lot in popular culture (think Christopher Moore, the lochness monster and more) as having been emitted by some unknown creature of the deep or as a conspiracy of the government. The whole album will be filled with other similar, unidentified oceanic sounds such as Julia, Whistle, Train and Upsweep but he's quick to ascertain that these "won't be in your face."

Luckily, we won't have to wait till January to get a sneak peek. He will be releasing two singles prior to the album release, the first of which will coincide with the unveiling of his month-long art exhibition starting October 1st at Mumbai's bagel shop. The exhibition too is in keeping with the deep blue sea theme. You can expect a mixed bag of goodies with canvases, prints, wood and paper art up for grabs. Not to mention, he will also be featuring his first hand-painted longboard, marking the possible beginning of an artistic association with new kids on the outdoor gear block, Tattva Boards.

All in all, it's been awhile since Squidworks showed up on our radar. Now that he has however, we'll be sure to keep track of the blip on bloop.


Words: Mandovi Menon



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