Fully Funtastic: Amit Saigal Tribute Gig at blueFROG Mumbai & Delhi

3 June 2013

Amit Saigal was a one-man army back in the '90s. A raw time for the independent Indian music scene, he was presented with a blank canvas with nothing but passion for a paintbrush and chose not to doodle in the margins. Instead, he founded Rock Street Journal (something of a collectible these days if you've got the older editions) and went on to become one of the 'pillars of the Indian rock scene.' Hence the nickname Papa Rock. This year, blueFROG Mumbai and Delhi are joining forces to host a huge simultaneous birthday tribute on July 4, in commemoration of his tragic death in Goa last year.

The line up is more of jam session of Saigal's friends and supporters in the music industry thanks to which we're seeing certain features that most of us current gig foetuses might never have had a chance to witness. Namely, Orange Street, who will be taking the stage after Workshop, ViceVersa, Zygnema and Hipnotribe in Mumbai. Remember this? - just another reason you might want to be there.

Delhi's line up will feature Frame/Frame, Jayant, EZ Riser, Tarqeeb and Tapan Raj of Midival Punditz for a simultaneously adrenaline-worthy party. All in all, it promises to be a nostalgic night filled with good people, good tunes and good memories. The gig's free, show up for the man who built the foundation of the very possibility of nights like these.


Words: Mandovi Menon



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