India's Best In Bass Music Host Boat Party At Outlook Festival

23 May 2013

Outlook Festival is always a winner and each year seems to become more and more appealing with its unique combination of bass music, sound system culture, beaches and boats.

2013 sees the sixth year for the festival as well as an ever-growing presence from India. Last year saw Bay Beat Collective, Reggae Rajahs, and BASSFoundation take to the stage. This year, they're back and have their own 'India @ Outlook' boat party.

Since the festival's inception on the coast of Croatia, an inspiring addition to the festival experience has been the infamous boat parties - a chance to set sail on a party boat with some of the world's best DJs and MCs as well as of course a fully stocked bar and club sound system.

This year, Thursday's Boat 11 will feature Reggae Rajahs, Delhi Sultinate & Begum X, BASSFoundation, Nanci & Phoebe, WuLu and Bay Beat Collective. A showcase of some of the most established Indian bass music aficionados.

If you're already heading to Outlook Festival this year, boat party tickets went on sale last weekend and are priced at £17 each. For full info, including line-ups you can head over to the individual pages of crews/labels and collectives via the main boat party page here



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