Mumbai Gig Preview: Your Chin, Paralights and Ox7gen EP Release

21 May 2013

This one's looking to be a pretty special lineup. Two of the freshest, most innovative electro-indie/indie-pop acts to have sprung out from our spacious underground will be opening for one of our finest drum and bass producers. Your Chin, Sky Rabbit vocalist Raxit Tewari's solo project, and Paralights, producer Ayan De's rather eclectic moniker, will be opening for Ox7gen (Aditya Ashok) as he releases his brand new EP 'An Ocean For Everyone' tonight at blueFROG.

Judging from what we've heard in the last few days of its release (listen below) if you've been craving the quality liquid drum and bass this city's been starved off for a while, this EP's a good place to wade into and soak for a while. As will be the gig we're sure.

One thing's for certain - in this age of increasing mimicry behind the console, it will be seriously refreshing to have three quality producers with such distinctive styles take control of the musical reigns for the night.

Words: Mandovi Menon



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