ShopArt/ArtShop: Occupying Empty Shops In Mountain Villages

14 May 2013

A new creative initiative organised by the 4tables-project has landed in Himachal with a group of 12 conceptual artists who'll be transforming local shops into art spaces. ShopArt/ArtShop will see local shops in a village called Gunher in the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh get transformed by sound art, hands on films, abstract flower shops and paper mache furniture.

Empty shops around this village will get rented while artists set up and create their work. The village will then get transformed for 1 week into a unique creative venue, complimented by a range of cultural activites.

Artists involved include Bangalore based Dutch conceptual artist Elena Pereira, installation artist Vivek Chokalingam and KM Lo’s The One Rupee Movie Theatre which will be operated by local young people showcasing their own productions.

The open exhibition starts today (14 May) and goes on until 21 May. In addition to the transformation of the shops, there will be a range of music events, film screenings, local food and handicraft stalls programmed. The local community has been fully engaged with this project and invite urban dwellers to come and visit their part of the world.

Further information about the project can be found here.



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