Chennai Live In Collaboration With Indiearth Relaunch 'The Purple Fest'

13 May 2013

With an aim of pushing contemporary Indian music, Chennai Live 104.8 FM, has recently announced the re-launch of Purple Fest. A chance for gig-hungry Chennai folk to sample some of India's best Indian bands and musicians, bi-weekly at The Boardwalk, Chennai.

“The idea for Purple Fest came as a natural extension of our on-air segments Indian Music Hour and Out of the Box, both of which were conceptualised in order to promote independent music and artists from India. Chennai has a vibrant community of talented musicians, who are just looking for a space to play. And we are acting as the medium and giving them multiple platforms” - RJ Rohan Sen, Chennai Live

To make the idea even stronger, Chennai Live has partnered with Clementine Studios, as well as our good friends IndiEarth - an online platform that promotes and connects independent artists/musicians to worldwide media. As a major addition to this installment of the Purple Fest the shows will be recorded live along with video footage to eventually be part of a compilation put together by Indiearth and Clementine Studios.

“As a radio station, we have always been promoting independent musicians…be it on-air or otherwise. And that is why, unlike a regular commercial station, we play contemporary independent music during specific shows (...) The Purple Fest is just another step towards the same cause” - Chennai Live

Skrat will be performing at the inaugural night of The Purple Fest on 17 May with Blues Conscience following on 31 May.

**More info on these shows and others happening across the country can be found on events page here**




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