Heineken Green Room Announces 'Tiger & Woods' As Next Artist To Tour India

6 November 2012

Heineken Green Room, a series of intimate, invite-only events featuring some of the worlds freshest acts and sounds with a point of view to match is back. And the wait has been well worth it.

To be held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore later this month, Heineken Green Room #2 will feature the enigmatic and elusive duo of Tiger & Woods.

Known for their anonymity and loop-friendly funk-house sensibilities, the selection of Tiger & Woods is yet again an interesting choice from the curators. As with the first edition of Heineken Green Room (gallery here), this edition will feature the Heineken Green Room Sessions, which given the artist in question, will revolve around the pertinent question, ‘Is anonymity the new stardom?’

"Nowadays you can find all the infos and details about everyone just browsing Internet. The magic of an unknown record from an unknown artist is a bit lost now and we wanted to do something like the old white labels and let people dream about who’s behind those records. We’ve noticed a constant show off from artists and DJs acting like superstars(…)We just want people focusing on music.” - Tiger & Woods

Here's what we know about the production duo: Tiger's first name is Larry and Woods' is David (probably not their real names). They give few interviews, are mostly hidden behind their signature tiger masks/low hats and don’t even have a Wikipedia page. The pair have been causing a commotion in the slo-mo-boogie and disco-edit worlds, largely through the strength of a series of hand-stamped white labels released on the Editainment label (dedicated to them). Musically, T&W offer up a bashful 80s inspired disco-synth sound mixed with textural R&B and old school house vocals. Self-confessed loop lovers, the duo promise to bring a welcome swish of disco (they call it 'future boogie') to parties in all three cities.

Tiger & Woods - Live In Cambodgia:

Heineken Green Room is due to kick off in New Delhi on 30 November, followed by events in Mumbai and Bangalore on 1 and 2 December respectively. Entry is by invitation only. Of course in due time, we'll let you know how to be there.

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