The Amarrass Desert Music Festival: Full Line Up Announced

24 October 2012

Now in its second year, The Amarrass Desert Music Festival is a 2 day congregation that will see a line-up of world-class folk/rock musicians come together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of desert regions of the world. Unlike the name suggests, it's due to be held at New Delhi's Zorba from 1-2 Dec with a line up that includes award-winning national and international acts.

So far confirmed acts include Bombino (from Niger, voted breakthrough iTunes artist of the year in 2011), Baba ZuLa (psychedelic folk from Turkey), Sakar Khan and Sons ("grandmaster of the Manganiyars."), Barmer Boys (contemporary folk from Rajasthan, India) and the Sidi's of Kutch ("A direct link between India and Africa").

Much like the philosophy of Amarrass Records, the label behind the event, the festival will strive to "create an environment that encourages and nourishes the creative spirit of musicians and music lovers" whilst attempting to revive traditional forms of musical expression.

The festival venue boasts a large outdooor amphitheatre as well as a “culture” alley, traditional arts and crafts bazaar, instrument "petting zoo", workshops and a variety of exhibitions.

Full line up:

Bombino (Niger) - "The Hendrix of Niger" (pictured above)
Sakar Khan (Rajasthan, India) - Padma Shri awardee - "The grandmaster of the Manganiyars."
Baba Zula (Turkey) - Psychedelic folk rock from Istanbul.
Barmer Boys (Rajasthan, India) - The next generation of world-class folk from India.
The Sidi's from Kutch (Gujarat, India) -
"A direct link between India and Africa."

For further information including details of how to buy tickets you can head over the Amarrass website here



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