Bring On The Night: A Reason To Turn On Your Box?

21 September 2012

Written and directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, better known by some as frontman of Scribe, Bring On The Night is a new 10 part series that will start airing on MTV every Saturday (starting tomorrow) at 7pm.

With the show being sponsored and commissioned by Eristoff (Music CDs) we were slightly apprehensive about product placement within the episode (expecting something a little Wayne's World-esque), however it seemed that persuassive characters, raw jokes and sharp dialogue were the main focus . The soundtrack is also strong and is scored by Randolph Correia, featuring some of our favourite Indian artists such as Teddy Boy Kill, Sky Rabbit and The Ska Vengers.

The series follows four Mumbaikars, dissatisfied with the current state of affairs within Bombay’s nightlife. Upon chancing on an ideal location they decide to create a space for parties themselves.

Right from the first episode the series seems like it could be more driven by the characters than the plot, but that’s not bad, in fact that’s generally a good thing. Although the MTV version will include censoring you’ll be able to catch the uncensored episode on Youtube every week.

You can watch a ‘leaked’ version of the uncensored trailer below:


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