Wild City #210: Sunara

Wild City #210: Sunara

14 March 2022

In the progressive, tech and deep house-dominated nightlife of Sri Lanka, Sunara Jay stands out by instead choosing to explore around the genres of glitch-hop, hip-hop, funk and nu-jazz. Consequently, the DJ and visual artist has been counted upon to represent the island's alternative underground culture with shows in Norway, UK, Germany, Pakistan and India.

With a practice of spanning over a decade of spinning tracks to different types of audiences, Sunara knows well to use the console as an instrument and how a set can elevate a track beyond its standalone value – as she does on her Wild City mix.

Venturing into assortments of glitch over the steady rhythm of house music, the selections are consistently sparse and spacious, assuming an ambient nature even with their softly thumping energy as you settle into the experience. The mercurial basslines keep one hooked while the off-kilter elements feel nothing short of a musical dream, which Sunara plays to by throwing in echoes and other time-based manipulations every once in a while. It's a trip that leaves you relaxed than tired.

"A curated studio mix with the intention of keeping your ears locked into a subtle, deep minimal journey. I hope that this mix is suited for listening as it would be for dancing." – Sunara

Listen to the mix below:

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