Wild City #207: KillZen

Wild City #207: KillZen

9 August 2021

Electronic act KillZen construct their Wild City mix with only original and unreleased work to introduce their body of work in a free-flowing journey. The duo of Abhishek Chaturvedi and Anannya Gupta musically embody a musical duality in their work, even naming themselves after it. They signify the intense, raging, compulsive and club-friendly part of themselves as 'Kill', and on the other side of the coin put their immersive, placating and introspective work, referred by the 'Zen'.

Their nearly 40-minute-long mix for Wild City details how the two seemingly contrasting and opposite sides connect with each other to maintain an ebb and flow of hard-hitting drums and basic but emotively relaxing synth textures. KillZen doesn't just use the mix to introduce their work, but use their work to tie together a fluid sonic journey similar to flowing downriver, sometimes immersed in a calming silence and other times privy to the thrashing of the flow.

"It features an all original selection of tracks some form our vault and some from an upcoming project which we’ve been working on for a while. It's based in a little fantasy of our own , in a futuristic dystopia, where music is the only escape, the only way for people to break away from the clutches of whatever’s holding them back. We’re very excited to share all this new material and hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it." – KillZen

Listen to the mix below:

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