The Desert Survival Guide To Magnetic Fields 2014

26 November 2014

Bedouins, prepare for takeoff. The time is upon us. Our nomadic wanderings will be culminating shortly in the nebulous depths of the final frontier this December. With Magnetic Fields Festival barely a moon away, we hope that our fellow adventurers are as excited about this year’s line up as we are.

The music, however, serves as the central point - the axis, if you will, to a much larger picture. As exasperating as it is when festival-goers state that “it’s not just about the music, bro”, they have a point.

Magnetic Fields – or any destination festival for that matter – is about leaving the comforts, inhibitions and monotony of dreary city existence behind, and diving through the looking glass into an alternate reality. This is the time to immerse yourself in a community, make new friends and open your mind to new experiences.

From installations scattered across the grounds and a souk market (which will include a costume shop, just so you know) to pop up secret parties and lots of food to keep you fuelled, there’s something to keep everyone occupied at the festival - besides the music, of course. We’ve put together a guide to help you find your way and discover all there is at Magnetic Fields this year:

Get Ridiculous
Why would you want to wear a ponytail and sweatshirt at a palace? This is the perfect chance to bring out the items of clothing you never thought you’d have the opportunity to wear – it’s time for that massive golden and glass necklace you bought at Chandni Chowk last year on a lark to shine. Think decadent, layered, imaginative and over the top - how you present yourself at Magnetic Fields is a great way to participate. But remember, you will be dancing all night in the cool desert night winds so stay comfy. You don’t necessarily have to dress to impress, but if your outfit exudes personality and we like it, you may be in for some free goodies.

Nappa Dori Bedouin Backpacks
Artisans of the vast intergalactic desert, currently practicing their craft on a planet called ‘Nappa Dori’ are lending their skills to the festival, creating exclusive backpacks/survival kits in canvas and leather. The aesthetically superior tribe has toiled tirelessly, and the final product (above), inscribed with a cartographic representation of the Magnetic Fields grounds, is worth the wait. Keep in mind, the Nappa Dori backpacks are limited edition so grab them exclusively on site before they sell out.

Hunt For The Lost Treasures Of The Rajahs
Buried deep within the recesses of a palace steeped in secret is a hidden treasure that one of you will have the opportunity to claim as your own, but be warned - this is no cakewalk. We’re upping the ante at this year’s treasure hunt and making it much more exciting, so keep your peepers peeled for clues that will be unfold themselves over the weekend.

Desert Oasis Disco
The desert sands can be an unforgiving arena; particularly for tribes residing in the Bedouin area at the festival. A welcome retreat comes in the form of the Desert Oasis Disco, hosted by our friends at Grime Riot Disco. The special party will take place everyday of the festival between 12 and 3 pm – after all, there’s no rest for the wicked.

Kite Flying Sunrise Party
There’s no better or more surreal way to end a night of music and general debauchery than flying and watching multihued kites swishing by over tired, happy heads. With the gold tinted, sun drenched palace grounds serving as a backdrop, we guarantee that this is an event worth staying awake for.

An Ocular Extravaganza
Nothing I say can give you a better idea of the Border Movement Visual Lab than the video below, which documents the Video Lab for the Pettah Interchange in Colombo conducted earlier this year. The same talented minds that created the incredible, kaleidoscopic visuals at Rio Cinema, under the watchful tutorship of the massive, albeit unpronounceable pfadfinderei, will be combining their manic energy once more to create something truly spectacular at Magnetic Fields. Apart from illuminating the Night Stage, the team will also be creating various installations at the festival, so be alert.

A few reminders about the do’s and don’ts – do remember to carry warm clothes and keep hydrated since you will, ideally, be spending most of your time dancing outdoors.

If you’re willing to submerge yourself completely in the aura of music, ecstatic visuals and interesting people, Magnetic Fields can be a truly surreal experience. The prince of Alsisar (no joke), is also curating a showcase of Rajasthani culture with dance, crafts and wandering musicians. Even the stars have aligned to add to the whimsy – there’s a meteor shower taking place on the night of 13 December till early morning and we’ve got telescopes to help you stargaze under the looming façade of the mahal.

We’re excited and nervous in equal parts about Magnetic Fields, chapter two, but hopefully we’ve got enough to send even our grumpiest Bedouins home with a smile plastered across their face. And if you can’t make it, drop by antiSOCIAL this Friday for the Magnetic Fields pre-party, in collaboration with our friends at UnBox.

All other information regarding travel and schedule is up on our website here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

We can’t wait.

Image Credit (thumbnail): Sachin Soni Photography
Words: Diya Gupta


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