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Wild City #101: Spryk

Mumbai based musician and producer Spryk brings in 2016 with a high energy, exclusive mix for Wild City. Fresh UnMute signee Tejas Nair is a Mumbai based producer and Tabla player who has only recently started making music as Spryk. Nair also runs an audio lab called Press Play, which works with installation sound, games and other projects. With his debut EP slated to release later this month on High Chai Recordings, we thought it was about time to...
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14 December 2015

Wild City #100: Robot Koch

Wild City’s mix series turns 100 and we’re celebrating with a very special selection of tunes from Los Angeles based German producer Robot Koch, who released his new album ‘Hypermoment’ via MONKEYTOWN Records earlier this month. The mix coincides with Koch’s second tour of the country from 26-28 November this month, which will mark the launch of VOI Nights – a new music property initiated by British apparel company Voi Jeans and Wild...
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19 November 2015

Wild City #099: Bit Of Both

DJs, producers, label owners and veterans in the Indian electronic scene - Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma (a.k.a. Calm Chor) come together as Bit Of Both for mix #099. There aren’t a lot of Indian acts that have been making and promoting electronic music for as long as Bit Of Both. Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ash Roy started off as founding members of hugely prolific Jalebee Cartel, which at the time also includede G "Force" Arjun (of Else If) and techno...
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01 October 2015

Wild City #098: Troja

Mumbai/Berlin based selector, producer and Regenerate crew member Troja goes deep for mix #098. Trideep Roy is the latest beat maker to contribute to our expanding list of mixes here at Wild City. The Mumbai based producer and DJ has been spinning tunes across the country and established crews like Bhavishyavani future Soundz, Dusdozen and KRUNK in the past. Troja believes his music is a product of his travels in Europe, where’s he spent a large...
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15 September 2015

Wild City #097: The Sine Painter

Wild City Mix #097 comes from an enormously talented young producer and recent Red Bull Music Academy selectee – The Sine Painter. Jayanth Ramachandra has been on our radar since November 2014, when he innocuously contacted us on SoundCloud with two original productions. We saw promise in the relatively unknown young Bangalore based producer back then, and decided to feature his work under our ‘Dropbox Talents’ section. We weren’t the only...
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27 August 2015

Wild City #096: Praveen Achary

Bangalore native Praveen Achary explores the deep, melodic side of electronica for Wild City Mix #096. The artist is constantly on the move performing and DJing venues across the country. As a DJ he’s known best for his unique combination of deep, tech and progressive house, though really, his sensibilities have never been confined to the manacles of genre (as this mix testifies). 2013 saw the producer launch his very own label – Juicebox Music,...
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20 July 2015

Wild City #095: Aqua Dominatrix

Analog junkie and Mumbai resident Aqua Dominatrix stitches together a delirious collection of synth-pop for mix #95. The musician, real name Akshay Rajpurohit, is also a guitarist for metal bands Scribe and Pangea (making his pretty, dreamy mix all the more surprising). He’s a relatively new solo producer, playing as ‘Aqua Dominatrix’ for only a year and releasing his full-bodied debut album ‘Sadomist’ earlier this year. It’s barely crossed...
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30 June 2015

Wild City #094: Tollcrane

Karachi native and RBMA Tokyo alumni Tollcrane explores fringe electronica and left-of-centre dance in an exquisite mix for Wild City. In the last couple of years, Talha Asim Wynn has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with, and we’re not limiting our opinion to South Asia. Also a guitarist for shoegaze and noise band //orangenoise, Talha ventured into the electronic realm after a recording session with his bandmates - “…I...
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10 June 2015

Wild City #093: Kumail

Mumbai based electronic producer Kumail shares a rich, emotive mix for Wild City. The 21-year old music maker has been making music for 4 years now and has put out two EPs so far – his debut ‘Flashbulb Memories’ and the recently released ‘Shift’ EP – a meticulously produced, cleverly constructed downtempo collection of music, reviewed in detail here. Kumail is now signed to Mumbai based booking agency KRUNK and has played a number of shows...
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12 May 2015

Wild City #092: Iyer

Indian born, Canada based Iyer turns in a rattling selection of footwork for Wild City Mix #092. It isn’t a surprise that Iyer, with his background in classical Carnatic music, has explored a vast range of genres in his years making music. Though his main area of expertise remains drum n’ bass, the producer has also played with elements in UK garage, dubstep, house, and more recently, footwork. His technical finesse, bold production and ambitious...
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22 April 2015

Wild City #091: SMPRSN

Sri Lanka’s SMPRSN (alternate alias Daffy Maestro) is the next selector to contribute to our growing music division here at Wild City. The Kandi based artist, known to his peers as Gihan Senevirathne, has been making tunes at home since the late 90s. He put out his debut four track EP ‘Home’ on Soundcloud under the name Daffy Maestro in 2013, playing with lo-fi, bass centric electronic sounds with a touch of experimentation. He came into the...
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09 April 2015

Wild City #090: TMPST

Wild City #090 comes from Karachi based electronic producer TMPST – a genre bending artist who’s been at the forefront of the Pakistani scene for some time. With the third edition of the (Pakistan focused) Border Movement Lounge in India taking place tonight at the Max Mueller Bhavan, we thought it’s about time that we featured another exclusive, carefully curated mixtape from our contemporaries in the west. Asfandyar Khan is the man behind...
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16 March 2015

Wild City #089: Midland Sparks

Maitreya Rajurkar a.k.a Midland Sparks is the face of and one half of Pune based DJ duo; Tripshot Crew. An independent project started with the aim of exploring untraditional, modern day bass music that has influenced him so greatly and shaped the release of his excellent debut EP ‘Rundrum’ last year. Keeping this in mind, it's no surpirse that Rajurkar explores a wide range of genres within this project - all that fall under the vast umbrella...
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20 February 2015

Wild City #088: B.Visible

Our latest Wild City mix comes from talented Austrian producer and DJ - B.Visible. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the beatsmith was also present at Magnetic Fields Festival last year. Those who were present would remember him for his robust, melodic and beat punctuated set that had heads dancing, full throttle, at the most unearthly hours of the morning. B.Visible found his calling in 2004, after getting his hands on a pair of turntables....
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22 January 2015

Wild City #087: BASSFoundation Roots

You’d probably recognise Taru Dalmia as the face behind popular ska/jungle/reggae/dub act - Delhi Sultanate and as a member of D&B and jungle collective, BASSFoundation. His solo venture - BASSFoundation Roots goes back to basics and explores the sounds that initiated dub and jungle music in the early years, dedicating itself to reggae roots and keeping things strictly analogue. The vinyl only policy comes as resistance to “the new wave of...
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08 January 2015

Wild City #86: DJ Vadim

To call DJ Vadim a prolific performer would be a gross understatement. On an average, the selector performs 170 to 180 shows a year and has played in over 63 countries. 64 post December, of course, since he’ll be performing for the first time in the subcontinent at Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan. The producer and DJ was born in Saint Petersburg - Russia (then Leningrad, USSR), raised in London and now splits his time between Berlin and New...
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02 December 2014

Wild City #085: Big City Harmonics

Rohan Hastak started making music the traditional way – on a guitar, as part of a live band called ‘Kuru’ while he was based in Canada. But his musical identity now as Big City Harmonics is anything but traditional - inspired by pioneers of contemporary electronica such as Four Tet and Nightmares on Wax, the musician released his beat driven debut EP, called Foreword to hugely positive reviews last year. A bit like his own music which tends...
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28 October 2014

Wild City #084: Machli

Machli was formed in 2013 in a small colony called SFS in a satellite town outside of Bangalore by Aniruddh Menon, Musharraf Shaikh, Sandhya Visvanathan and Maitreya Mer, and we’ve been smitten by their sound since we stumbled upon them earlier this year. Despite only releasing a handful of singles on their SoundCloud page, the oddball bunch of art and design students caught our attention with their curiously experimental brand of music, unquestionably...
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15 October 2014

Wild City #083: GRAIN

One of India's longest running and most prolific stage names; Gaurav Raina - as one half of the Midival Punditz - is a familiar name for music lovers and peers alike. In a step in a new direction, his solo project 'GRAIN', showcases a musician within a musician. Sonic textures that are deeper, darker – even melancholic – zigzagging through genres with confidence. In our eyes, some of his most technically adept and exciting output thus far. ‘Grey...
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15 September 2014

Wild City #082: Arnav S

Dubai based Arnav S began learning classical music from the tender age of 3, setting a foundation for his future creativity in a wide range of musical styles. By 2004, he had composed and produced music for films, documentaries, fashion shows, video games, mobile apps, TV commercials and even corporate videos; showcasing a broad musical palette that included genres such as orchestral, blues, jazz, pop, and electronic. In 2013 he even went on to create...
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27 August 2014

Wild City #081: Alter State

It’s obvious to state that club music usually sounds best in a club, but for Delhi based Alter State - this stands especially true. Hearing tracks from any of the producer's featured in this mix, loud, in a dark room can sometimes make you feel incredibly insignificant. Fuelled by bass sounds that hit like electric shocks, modern day dubstep (trying to recreate the original take on dub inspired bass music) is quite literally at the most exciting...
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30 July 2014

Wild City #080: DJ MoCity

Born in Baghdad, raised in New Delhi, and now expanding further around the world spreading his message of cross-cultural understanding through the common denominator of music - Mohammed Abood a.k.a. DJ MoCity is a music entrepreneur that's been hustling his way around Asia and beyond for the past decade. With roots firmly based in hip-hop, he has entertained crowds and organised events all over the India whilst also being the creative force behind...
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10 July 2014

Wild City #079: Asvajit

Once the lead guitarist of Colombo based progressive jazz-rock band 'Powercut Circus', Asvajit has made a name for himself as one of the most respected and forward thinking electronic musicians to emerge out of post-war Sri Lanka. Apart from producing solid dancefloor bangers and whipping ravers into a frenzy, Asvajit is also a professional book designer, Ableton Live instructor and founder of Sri Lanka’s first independent underground record label,...
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16 June 2014

Wild City #078: Monsoonsiren

20 year old Bangalore based producer Nathan Menon’s collaboration with Tom Day resulted in what is possibly the single most beautiful track released in 2013. Picked by Border Movement and the #1 artist to watch out for in 2014 completely off the back of 'Love Is Rare, "Menon displayed tremendous vocal ability: a falsetto unironically comparable to Justin Vernon or Jai Paul." Apart from the EP he made with Tom Day, Menon’s output has almost been...
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13 May 2014

Wild City #077 - Blent

Aniket Vidyadhar a.k.a Blent is a Mumbai based music producer and game designer. Having only stepped into the production limelight in the last year, his debut collection of tracks; Dusk EP - released in September last year - was a warm and delicate listen made entirely out of sampled content: "I do this thing I like to call micro-sampling. I chop everything up and manipulate it using effects. So if I take one note, assign it to the sampler and screw...
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14 May 2014

Wild City #076: MadStarBase

MadStarBase is an international music crew with members representing USA, UK, Jamaica, and India. New Delhi based production and DJ duo Ase (Anant Ahuja) and dubSekhri (Neal Sekhri) are the Indian flag bearers, producing original cuts as well as a staggering array of bootlegs and remixes. The tag-team are also resident DJs at the House of bhane. and are known for spinning a selection of space age, future music infused with classic hip-hop, reggae...
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28 April 2014

Wild City #075: When Pandas Attack

Gold Panda, My Panda Shall Fly, Alien Panda Jury and now When Pandas Attack. What the fascination is with putting the word Panda in you band or DJ name, I can't exactly comment on. What I have observed however, is that it seems to be prevalent in acts truly pushing boundaries within their respective genre. The newest and youngest member of the 'Panda' society is When Pandas Attack - Delhi based musician and graphic designer Ankur Chauhan - someone...
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07 April 2014

Wild City #074: Reji

It's Mixtaped! week here at Wild Cit and we're helping the head honcho celebrate. Tomorrow night, it would have been a year since the little 'micro party' started by Reji in one of Bandra's smallest clubs - turns one. Not only has this weekly been programmed with great fluidity, it's hosted some rather surprising never-before-seen scenesters from various pockets of Mumbai. An inspiration for our new weekly; Conference. Since stepping into the world...
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01 April 2014

Wild City #073: Vipul

"In a movement that may surprise some, a fresh new wave of DJs and producers are bursting forth from the burgeoning house music scene in India and making an international impact" says this young man's bio. A part of the steadily growing UnMute army, Vipul is a Delhi based DJ and producer that once upon a time was heavily influenced by DJs and artists such as Darin Epsilon, Sasha, John Digweed, Robert Babicz, Chris Micall, Audiofly and Tim Davison. His...
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26 March 2014

Wild City #072: Hamza

New Delhi based Hamza has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house music scene in India and one of the most innovative and exciting producers nationwide. Pushing a diverse and international sound, he's influenced by his strong musical background as well as growing up in India and traveling the world, living in cities such as Paris, Boston and New York. Hamza combines deep, tribal, and funky sounds with strong world music influences. This is...
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12 March 2014

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