Toto Chiavetta, Zokhuma & Farhan Rehman

Toto Chiavetta, Zokhuma & Farhan Rehman


1 September 2018


Kitty Su


Toto Chiavetta

Born and raised in Italy, Toto Chiavetta bumped into the techno scene in his adolescence and developed a continuous affair with the music that resulted in producing own tracks with his PlayStation at an early stage in his youth. His music is much appreciated for its deep, organic and techno sound with shades of African influences.



The 24-year-old maverick Arman Menzies has a mask for every occasion. His infectious energy and familiar music sensibilities has a way of putting any audience at ease. Well known in cult progressive metal circles in India for his earlier work songwriting and playing guitar for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study music production in the UK, he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka under his new electronic moniker 'Zokhuma' while cherry-picking his way through local gigs as well. As he gears up to launch his first EP and live tour in early 2017, connecting the dots seems impossible when everything is happening at once, but it doesn’t make it any less fun to try.


Farhan Rehman

Farhan Rehman is a Mumbai based producer who started producing at the age of 16 and landed his first record on the underground label, Ovum Recordings.



Zokhuma Farhan Rehman Kitty Su


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