DJ Brainwash

DJ Brainwash


10 July 2018




DJ Brainwash

As a veracious professional, DJ Jay is ready to perform in every format, style ands at any venue with exceptional attention to detail with his impeccable performance. His attainment lies in the fact that the first performance at a new venue is never his last. He is a return visitor to almost every venue he spins. Always on track with exhilarating new records, his fascinating ability to read crowds has advanced Jay to a different level beyond stereotypes. Jay is one of the most multitalented and well educated DJs on the dance music circuit. Versatility is what DJ Jay believes in - he never restricted himself to any particular genre. He loves spinning RnB, Hip Hop, Old School, Retro, Commercial, Electro, Progressive, Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Trap and Dubstep.


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