Flava D & Oceantied

Flava D & Oceantied


2 June 2018


Fandom At Gilly's Redefined


Flava D

A core member of the Butterz label, her productions lurk in that murky zone where garage, grime and bassline music intersect. The vast majority of music featured on her Fabriclive mix was made by herself and she is widely recognized to be at the forefront of bass heavy music in the UK.



Oceantied is the solo electronic project started by Until We Last guitarist Ketan Bahirat and is an exploration of Ketan’s electronic music headspace. Oceantied’s music can ambient, dancey, upbeat or anything in between. His music explores two main sides of the spectrum with downtempo tracks, alongside fast-paced footwork & jungle music. He is set to launch his debut EP on Bangalore based independent label, ‘Consolidate’ in early 2016, a label on which he also launched his latest track ‘Ice & Fire’ in the compilation FRNDS & FMLY ’16 which has been featured on THUMP, Resident Advisor & more. The track was also broadcasted on BBC Asian Network in early February.



Oceantied Fandom At Gilly's Redefined


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