Babloo Babylon & IJA

Babloo Babylon & IJA


25 April 2018


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi



babloo babylon

Experimental sound artist based out of jhumri talaeya or New Delhi we'll never know. Not much is known about the intentionally undercover Babloo Babylon, whose appearances are few and far between. His innovative productions re-contextualise samples from Indian film-music.



Delhi and Uttarakhand based duo with Ashhar Farooqui aka ToyMob on vocals, synths, toys; Sahil Mendiratta aka Inspector Maal on drums, raps, synths. IJA make both uptempo and downtempo music, perform with the laid-back precision of a finely-tuned pop duo, and even rap when the time calls for it. Their inventive use of distinctly Indian pop-culture samples, and their affable on-stage demeanour sets them apart from a lot of their contemporaries



babloo babylon IJA


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