Boxout Weekender (1st Birthday)

Boxout Weekender (1st Birthday)


6 April 2018 - 8 April 2018


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Delhi based community radio, is completing a year since its inception - marking the occasion the community has announced ‘Boxout Weekender’; a 3-day celebration that will feature all hosts of and the diverse styles of music that the online radio airs. Running all day and night from 6-8 April 2018 they hope to bring together DJs and producers that have been closely associated with the radio since its inception with each day representing the diverse spectrum of music which shares and promotes.

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Tarqeeb (Translation: Plan) is Ashish Jose. A seeker of hedonism through rhythm, philanthropy through music-making, he formed his moniker in the summer of 2012. The idea was always simple - promotion of quality EDM, minus the little labels and the big boxes. The only constants remain deep, groovy bass-lines, dark atmospheres and a trajectory that ultimately crescendos into high energy dance music.



Profound is a disciple of the sonic arts with an eclectic musical taste. His tracks are multilayered with subliminal beats and lo-fi elements. Symbolic of his ordeal with unifying the noise of numerous genres to become 'genre-less'. A dedication to the art of hip-hop, Profound is thriving in the Indian electronica scene with subtlety and long tempered poise.


Luna Toke

Luna Toke conjures the percussion and rhythm of ancient times through modern soundscapes of house and techno, creating a groove that strikes a chord with most listeners in the urban jungle.



Sanil Sudan aka FILM lives suspended between two worlds. Oscillating between deeply moving, emotional electronic music with a sonic vision that pulls together elements of house and techno with influences from hip-hop, jungle and even pop music. Productions range from straight-up dance floor jams to low-slung ambient tracks and more abstract compositions.



Lacuna is the solo experimental electronic music project of New Delhi based guitarist/producer Mihir Raina. Lacuna's sound dwells in the realm of experimental music borrowing from styles including hip-hop, bass, trip-hop and jungle.


Stalvart John

Stalvart John found his home in electronic music about a decade back when he discovered artists like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, and Robert Miles. Stalvart's podcast "In a Mind Place" is quite popular in the Indian underground community. Not bound to genres, this podcast takes listeners on a journey through his current and old favorites. Known for his deeper take on dance music and his unconventional attitude, he’s contributed to the initial uprising of Kerala’s electronic music scene.



AGENT (Smita Singh) is a fashion designer, interior stylist and co-founder of Magnetic Fields Festival. Brought up on a diet of 80s and 90s funk, hip-hop and house, she brings her love for old school dance music and newer mixes to the dance floor.



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