Stalvart John, JBABE & Febby Momma

Stalvart John, JBABE & Febby Momma


23 December 2021


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Febby Momma


Stalvart John

Stalvart John found his home in electronic music about a decade back when he discovered artists like Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, and Robert Miles. Stalvart's podcast "In a Mind Place" is quite popular in the Indian underground community. Not bound to genres, this podcast takes listeners on a journey through his current and old favorites. Known for his deeper take on dance music and his unconventional attitude, he’s contributed to the initial uprising of Kerala’s electronic music scene.



JBABE is the solo project of The F16s' Josh Fernandez. He describes his music as lo-fi, indie-pop mixed with rhythm and blues.



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