Madboy/Mink & The F16s

Madboy/Mink & The F16s


4 December 2021


antiSOCIAL Mumbai




Madboy/Mink are a Funk - nu disco duo based in Mumbai, India. Mashing up dirty electro and funk with old school Harlem-swing, they use live guitar and synthesizers with soulfully destroyed vocals and vocoders to play a mod – nu disco anti-aesthetic.


The F16s

The F16s are an alternative band hailing from the port city of Chennai, India. Their music, echoes the melancholia that grapples with the mundanity of everyday life in a town that serves very little outside of itself. Lyrically driven, the 'sound' of the band rests in an arc that also includes acts like LCD Soundsystem, Julian Casablancas and the Voidz and The Horrors; beat-driven yet innately melodic. The band already has a couple of prior releases attached to them: a 6-song EP released in 2013 called 'Kaleidoscope', and a 2-track recorded in Brooklyn, New York called 'Nobody's Gonna Wait'.



Madboy/Mink The F16s antiSOCIAL Mumbai


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