Kerplunk Festival

Kerplunk Festival


7 April 2020 - 14 April 2020



Image: Hanita Bhambri by Pornsoup

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Three Oscillators

Three Oscillators is Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane.



Raj Verma aka Yung.Raj is a 22-year-old beatboxer and producer from Hyderabad. Since early 2011, he has performed with both nationally and internationally acclaimed acts like Foreign Beggars, Shri, Karsh Kale, Niladri Kumar and more, and was also an active member of popular acapella outfit – Voctronica until late 2017. He has now moved on to focus on his solo project Yung.Raj. His productions are an experiment with time, tempo and rhythm, blending numerous styles to create a sound that is truly unique and his own. His live setup involves improvisation using a loop station to blend beatboxing along with synth bass and keys.


Alisha Batth

Alisha Batth is a singer/songwriter currently based in Mumbai. Heavily inspired by punk/folk, the 90s, love, and the forces and mysteries that create life. She studied at the Berklee College of music, before moving to Paris to study Photography. In collaborations, she has performed on MTV Coke Studio’s Season 2 on the track ‘Do Gallan’. Having released two singles in 2012 under – ‘Flood’, Alisha has recently released her debut EP ‘Prologue’ in October, 2018.


Aarifah Rebello

Aarifah Rebello is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer from Mumbai. Besides playing the drums for Ladies Compartment and Toycatcher, she is currently working on her solo project as ‘aarifah’. Her most notable achievements include collaborating with producer ‘Sandunes’ as a part of Red Bull’s Searching for Sound, playing drums with Madame Gandhi on her India tour and performing for celebrated Grammy Award Winner Yo-Yo Ma on his recent visit to Mumbai.



NATE08 is the solo project of bass player and musician Nathan Thomas, and is an exploration of Nathan's love for electronic music. Being a sessions bass player in the Indian music circuit for the last 6 years, he is now experimenting with making his own music. His music comes from a bunch of influences particularly jazz, RnB and hip hop. Using samples from various genres of music and manipulating them forms the basis of his music.


Samar Mehdi

Samar Mehdi is a percussive finger-style guitarist and singer-songwriter from Bhopal. He released his debut EP 'Urooj' in April which received a rave response and appreciation for its underlying wisdom and honesty. His recently released playthrough video of Martbaan, based on a poem by June Huzun (of the same name) brings together his poetic and musical talents and was met with the same warmth and admiration.


Gauley Bhai

Gauley Bhai is a Bangalore based band, formed in 2017. Veecheet, Siddhant and Anudwatt are originally from Kalimpong, and Joe, from Calicut. This intersection of geographies and musical roots is the essence of Gauley Bhai’s music.



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