Helena Hauff & Aïsha Devi

Helena Hauff & Aïsha Devi


27 February 2020


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Image: Aisha Devi by Emile Barret

Aïsha Devi

Aisha Devi is one that words don’t essentially do justice to. As Devi’s own life and journey evolved, she translated her music and art more alongside her spiritual progression. Her sets include picks from every strain of ambient, avant garde electronic surprises, and a diverse array of inspirations.

Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff today, is undoubtedly one of the best techno DJs in the world, if not the best, with her sets able to conjugate all genres and today's trends: industrial, old and new style acid, electronic body music, darkwave, minimal wave and electro.


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