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28 February 2020 - 1 March 2020




Image: Aisha Devi by Emile Barret

Venue: Famous Studio, antiSOCIAL

Aïsha Devi

Aisha Devi is one that words don’t essentially do justice to. As Devi’s own life and journey evolved, she translated her music and art more alongside her spiritual progression. Her sets include picks from every strain of ambient, avant garde electronic surprises, and a diverse array of inspirations.

Henry Wu

Henry Wu aka Kamaal Williams is spearheading the thriving scene that’s grown out of London's young, jazz-influenced musical circles. Mingling a variety of the genre's traditions with broken beat, house and garage, the london keyboardist developed a hyperdynamic sound bursting of poly-rhythmic sounds and spheres.

Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff today, is undoubtedly one of the best techno DJs in the world, if not the best, with her sets able to conjugate all genres and today's trends: industrial, old and new style acid, electronic body music, darkwave, minimal wave and electro.

Luca Lozano

UK-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Lucas Hunter aka Luca Lozano aka planetluke.com most certainly is a “jack of all trades” as he loves to define himself, but certainly not a master of none – as evidenced by the impeccable output he gets to release under the Klasse Recordings pennant.

Neil Landstrumm

21 years into his music career, Neil Landstrumm still doesn’t buy into the idea of doing things by the book. As he repeatedly states: music is fun and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it’s something that reflects in his sets.

Samo DJ

Stockholm's Sam Forseberg aka Samo DJ, continually sabotages the model with distinctive productions that fearlessly compact a myriad of demented ideas with a twisted scandinavian cheek. One-half of Sling & Damo and co-founder of their label Born Free, he’s known as much for his collaborations with underground heroes like Baba Stilz and Maxxxbass as he is for his warped and vital DJ sets.



Veer Kowli (aka Chrms) is a young electronic producer based in Mumbai, India. Inspired by the likes of Flume, Porter Robinson, Oshi and Mr. Carmack, Veer has loved experimenting with design, film and music and has been producing since he was 9. He likes to make sounds never heard before, without restricting himself to any particular genre, making everything from super chill, ethereal and feel-good tracks to heavy, R&B inspired bangers.



Kavya Trehan is a restless multi-talented creative. She has dabbled as a singer-songwriter, a model, one-half of indie pop duo Mosko and dipped her toes in TV commercials, movies and theatre. She recently launched her solo act KAVYA with the single 'Underscore'.



Mumbai based DJ known for blending tracks of various genres ranging from early acid house, pounding techno, unadulterated tech, bass, new wave, indie dance, disco.


Kiss Nuka

Kiss Nuka is the new evolved 
expression of Anushka Manchanda – a revered voice in the
 Indian music industry with almost 20 years of experience. Raw, eclectic and phantasmic, Kiss Nuka is a global award-winning music producer-artist-activist 
of Indian descent. She fearlessly bends genres 
 creating uncensored and immersive audio-visual 
experiences like Kashmir, Don't Be Afraid, Ayo Burn. Her free-spirited love for nature and activism 
translate into thought-provoking pieces mixing 
 electronic bass with ambient layers, electro-pop 
 melodies and a hint of roots. Being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies, 
like Dolby ATMOS, she invites audiophiles and discerners to her world that is one with nature.



Raj Verma aka Yung.Raj is a 22-year-old beatboxer and producer from Hyderabad. Since early 2011, he has performed with both nationally and internationally acclaimed acts like Foreign Beggars, Shri, Karsh Kale, Niladri Kumar and more, and was also an active member of popular acapella outfit – Voctronica until late 2017. He has now moved on to focus on his solo project Yung.Raj. His productions are an experiment with time, tempo and rhythm, blending numerous styles to create a sound that is truly unique and his own. His live setup involves improvisation using a loop station to blend beatboxing along with synth bass and keys.


Sid Shirodkar

Sid Shirodkar is a producer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Best known for his work with Ape Echoes and Paraphoniks, the Mumbai native's DJ sets reflect his genre-agnostic tastes and experimental sensibilities. Expect everything from jazz-infused psychedelia, disco, sunshine pop and neo-soul to breakbeat techno, drum and bass, and hip-hop.


Drum ani Bass

The brainchild of bass player Nathan Thomas and drummer Dhir Mody, Drum ani Bass evolved out of improvised jungle/drum n bass jams at 1403. Both inclined in the same direction, Nathan and Dhir have been experimenting with their sound and taking it live in different musical settings with room for innovation and improvisation. The idea is to emulate electronic music ideas into a live performance setting. Within this format the band explores jungle, footwork, drum 'n' bass, dub, glitchbeats.



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